About the DEADLINE:

In order to facilitate event preparation, and provide convenience for you as much as possible:

1. IF YOU NEED TO APPLY VISA, it is sincerely desired to finish registration by April 15, 2023, so that we hav eenough time to rpvode invitation letter and necessary documents for your visa procedure;

2. IF NOT, you my register no later than May 30, 2023;

3. IF YOU GET DELAYED NOTICED, it is also possible to contact the following mail address after the given deadline for these kind of special case.


No registration fee for the event itself.

However, guests who are not specially invited VIPs are responsible for managing their travel to get to the event venue and booking their own accommodations.

For ONE organization, we may support 1~2 guests as VIP and provide full/partial financial support for your travel and accommodations as well as other expediture during your visit. If you have this kind of issue, please directly mail the contact and provide corresponding information and materials.


The registration is temporarily in the test mode, but the filled information will be collected as well. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact

Further functions and notifications are TBD.

Registration Submit Paper