Welcome to NPBR-E3

To effectively broaden the scope and depth of international nuclear energy development and educational cooperation, and to establish an exemplary project under the "Belt and Road" initiative, Harbin Engineering University will host the International Topical Forum on Nuclear Powered “Belt and Road”: Education, Evolution, and Energy (E3), with the guidance of the China Atomic Energy Authority.

The forum is scheduled to be held in Harbin from July 5 to 7, 2023. We cordially invite all current and prospective collaborative organizations to designate representatives to attend the event to support financially more young talents to study in China within the framework of the government scholarship program, share the most advanced achievement of nuclear technology of China, exchange ideas, and engage in productive discussions of on the new international cooperation patterns for education and technology.


2023.03.29 TBD

Important Dates

July 05: The event begins!

July 07: The event ends, but the future begins!

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